With our experience we can offer you the best in advice and the best quality and reliability. Our application engineers select cooling solutions adapted to your product requirements. Fresh products – more and more ensured by sustainable cooling processes. Food cooling and refrigeration represents a decades-old passion of Thermo Cooling.

Thermo Cooling Engineering is chiefly used for food processing, storage and transportation.

A lot of supermarkets, retail shops, cold stores, and logistics centers rely on Thermo Cooling Engineering for normal cooling (medium temperature) and deep-freezing (low temperature) processes. In supermarkets, for example, fruit, vegetables, meat, seafood, and confectionery have to be optimally cooled in order to stay fresh.

The justified high hygiene and freshness standards demand for food means that it is an absolute must to have reliable refrigeration of goods and an uninterrupted refrigeration chain. Constant and dependable refrigeration systems ensure that the right temperature will be maintained in cold storage rooms, cooling cabinets, freezer cabinets, and freezer rooms.

Nowadays, sustainable food cooling and refrigeration are becoming more and more important.


Thermo Cooling Engineering have served a diversified range of industries, but it is the Food & Beverage sectors where growth is driven by the continuing increase in world population and rising consumption, leading to more demand for beverages.

Ensuring the best system which benefits end users with maximum reliability and efficiency.

Thermo Cooling Engineering have a clear vision for the future of the beverage sector and also consider the Total Cost of Ownership of the refrigeration system, where energy is the major part and has become an important issue.

Thermo Cooling Engineering Sdn. Bhd. continually put itself in the position of the end user, time and time again, each beverage system component is assessed for the most important elements that contribute to system lower power consumption:

• Energy efficiency
• Minimal maintenance costs
• Maximum reliability with minimal downtime

The beverage market is now demanding energy efficient systems, less electrical and water consumptions. End users benefits from Thermo Cooling Engineering system design in terms of ease of installation, on time maintenance, heat recovery, lower running costs and a very long service life.

Logistics & Warehousing

Thermo Cooling Engineering is synonymous with industrial refrigeration, it has been our business to refrigerate processes and to control the temperature of transported goods. Today, we also serve the area of cold stores and distribution with a major share of our technologies. In this sector, easily perishable foods represent a challenge. Experts estimate that, worldwide, more than one-third of all perishable goods never reach the consumer. The reason is insufficient cooling during storage and transport. Minor shortcomings do not mean that fruit and vegetables automatically become unappetizing, but they are unappealing and are simply not purchased. For fish and meat, on the other hand, even slight carelessness within the cooling chain can allow the concentration of pathogens to increase and endanger the health of consumers. Refrigeration before production and especially afterward safeguards your good reputation as the processor of foods and prevents financial losses.

Meat is one of the foods that is highly sensitive; as a result, it requires a closed cooling chain. The components of such complex refrigeration plants must serve as a model example of performance and reliability.


We are to ensure perishable goods are to be at its best condition with our refrigeration services.

Are you looking for a company that understands your sector? A company that realizes the many and various demands that fruit, vegetables, fish, and meat place on cooling and freezing technology? People who know what is going on during transport and reloading, what even small temperature fluctuations can cost your company, and what reliability is demanded of each individual component? Then you have come to the right place with Thermo Cooling Engineering. We solve your refrigeration problems – because we offer not only products, but also solutions – just as individual as your business and as customized as your production facility. And we are not only at your side during the planning phase: we also take care of the project engineering, implementation, commissioning, and maintenance of your equipment.

Electronic & Semiconductor

A cleanroom is an environmentally controlled environment where products are manufactured. Cleanrooms are defined as specially constructed, enclosed spaces where contaminants in the air are highly controlled with respect to airborne particulates, temperature, humidity, air pressure, airflow patterns, air motion, vibration, noise, living organisms, and lighting.

Although this is not the primary industry and sector for Thermo Cooling Engineering, we feel confident that we have gained sufficient experience in cleanroom design and installation and we are ready to expand our business focus in semi-conductor industry.

Clean rooms are very expensive to build and maintain. It is our ambition to take on this challenge and provide high quality cleanrooms for the industry with affordable price.

Precision of each
requirements is essential.


An industry full of challenges
where we are expert in.

Thermo Cooling Engineering has built cleanrooms for Malaysian university laboratories and hospitals. It is a very niche market in Malaysia but it is the area that we are comfortable in providing our expertise and service.

The pharmaceutical industry is subject to heavy government regulation, and pharmaceutical cleanrooms must meet stringent standards and requirements. At Thermo Cooling Engineering, we design and install the highest quality cleanrooms to meet these requirements.