Thermo Cooling Engineering Sdn. Bhd. (formerly known as Thermo Engineering & Trading Co.) was established in February 1986. The company is one of the leading contractors for Coldroom, Refrigeration System, Heating and Engineering Works in Malaysia. Our head office and factory is located in Bukit Minyak Industrial Park, Penang. The company is managed and run by highly qualified executives with over 30 years of experience and expertise in the industry. The company management is supported by a team of professional technicians, cold room installers, mechanics, Polyurethane (PU) Panel production and administrative management staff.

Our company main scope of business covers the followings:

a) Design, Supply, Installation, Commissioning, Service & Maintenance:
• Commercial & Industrial Cold room
• Blast Freezer
• Ice Making Plant
• Drying Kiln
• Air-Conditioning & Ventilation System

b) Supplier of:
• Polystyrene Panel
• Injection Polyurethane Panel
• Refrigeration Compressor & Parts
• Commercial & Industrial refrigeration turnkey projects
• Clean Room Panel

For over 30 years, we have designed and built commercial & industrial cold rooms and refrigeration system for various multinational companies in food & beverage, logistics & warehousing industries. We also have experience in cleanroom design and installation for medical & pharmaceutical laboratories and electronic & semiconductor companies.

The company offers 1 year warranty upon completion of installation and commissioning. Our service & maintenance department is headed by highly qualified and experienced engineers and technicians and supported by a team of dedicated operators.

At Thermo Cooling Engineering, we manufacture and supply PU and PIR panels for cold room installation. We have an in-house design and installation team to meet the specific requirements of every client.


Population growth and higher standards of living will result in growing demand for refrigeration. Changes in global food production, distribution and food safety regulation will require investments in industrial and semi-industrial refrigeration, food freezing and industrial ice production. Power consumption will be reduced despite increased demand to cool and heat power, process and industrial applications using Thermo Cooling Engineering and components within the systems.

Thermo Cooling Engineering are fully aware that the Industrial Refrigeration market has different levels of economic development and a wide variety of technical applications. The highest added value is realized when delivering sophisticated refrigeration systems and solutions to end-users where refrigeration is a key part of their industrial process.



Project & Track Record

Thermo Cooling Engineering have a proven track record of delivering projects within scope, time, budget and quality, such projects are for clients:


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