More than just a low temperature is necessary for the optimised storage of products such as fresh meat, dairy products, beverages, flowers and ice cream. Refrigeration and freezing systems for the food industry are designed to meet the highest hygienic standards for processing and storage.

Thermo Cooling Engineering not only has the required knowledge of refrigeration technology and the correct way to apply it but also has a comprehensive knowledge of customers’ products and processes. With the help of basic design data, such as climatic conditions, product data, quantities, desired temperatures and problem analysis, the optimum installation will be designed which fully meets the requirements of the customer.

Reliability, performance and operating costs are of importance in the design of each installation, while key characteristics such as optimal quality of the product, low energy consumption, ease of service and maintenance, safety, robustness and low noise levels are regarded as normal criteria.

Thermo Cooling Engineering can design refrigeration systems for all temperature requirements.


Thermo Cooling Engineering are strong in Mechanical, Electrical & Automation installation works, with a proud history of many years.


Whether you want to build an ice cream plant in Thailand, a brewery in Cambodia, a dairy plant in Singapore or a freeze-dry coffee plant in Malaysia, Thermo Cooling Engineering will be responsible of the design, construction, installation and supervision of the refrigeration system.

Our engineers are experts in developing and applying the optimal process to cool your product. At the same time, possible future changes in the refrigeration process are taken into account in the engineering phase in order to avoid high alteration costs at a later date.

When installing a plant, the equipment with the highest capacity against the lowest operating costs should be chosen. Thermo Cooling Engineering has an extensive knowledge of this concept. It can advise you in choosing the correct refrigeration plant, individual components, correct installation procedure.