Field Service Teams, Service Contracts, Spare Parts

Contracting and redesign

It is a paradox, but one of which we are well aware: even in the largest warehouses or supermarkets, space can be at a premium. This is why we help you to find the optimal solution and to arrive at optimal integration of the required technology in existing infrastructure – even without interrupting production. In many cases, enhancement of your benefits will also occur. This is because, for example, our systems require less space, enable a fluctuation of cooling or freezing output, allow completely different products to be frozen at the same time – and because they simply save energy. After all, we are well aware that special standards apply in work with food. Place your trust in the experience of our engineers. They create solutions with a long view, to assure that your investments bring in maximal returns.

From the start till the end,
we provide the best of products and services.


Many foods react sensitively to minimal temperature fluctuations – which means you must be able to depend on the refrigeration technology in your cold stores. We are at your service for preventive and restorative maintenance, when you need us: also on the weekend if necessary. And to ensure that down time remains at a minimum, we would be glad to flexibly plan human resources as well. This flexibility will likewise be reliably supported by the mechanical engineering involved – which is why we place such value on low-maintenance, rugged equipment assemblies. And, if intervention should now and then become necessary to maintain the reliability of our equipment, we stand ready with advice for your staff and train them for the most important maintenance work.

Spare Parts

Whether as part of regular maintenance or owing to unplanned down time: even the longest-lived system now and then needs a spare part. And such parts must be available not only when you need them, but also where. This is why we have support points that stock the normal wear, spare, and exchange parts for you. This means, for example, that minor repairs or maintenance won’t become a major problem. To simplify logistics, we also pay attention as early as the machine-design phase that the same wear parts will be used in as many different modules as possible – which eliminates unnecessary proliferation of part types. For us, this means simpler warehousing operations at the service support points. For you this enhances the chances of spontaneous availability and fast assignment of our service team. A win-win situation that saves both of us time and money.